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Mission: To enhance the safety and well-being of Florida's families and children, the TEAM Florida Partnership coordinates and develops opportunities for agencies and other partners to work cohesively.

Vision: Children are raised in a safe and nurturing family environment.
Due to circumstances beyond our control, the Department of Children and Families' funding for the support and maintenance of the TEAM Florida CNA Certification Partnership and Certified Nursing Assistant salary web site, all of the resources and information contained therein, and the support, maintenance, and technical assistance for the data collection systems (CFS Monthly Report and Annual Progress and Services Report) ended August 31, 2006. Therefore, all of these systems have been removed. We sincerely hope this is a temporary situation and they will all be restored.

In the meantime, if you have any questions regarding any of the above, please contact Theresa Leslie at the Department of Children and Families, email: Theresa_Leslie@dcf.state.fl.us or phone: 850-487-2005, suncom: 277-2005.

We thank you for your many years of visiting this site and utilizing these resources.

The Interprogram Task Force information is no longer housed on the TEAM Florida Partnership site. To see information about the Task Force, please click here

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Department of Children and Families

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